2024 Spring & Summer Collection
『 Wish upon a star 』



When the feelings and thoughts of wearers resonate with the creators, that garment is imbued with a special power.
By viewing the extraordinary things in life as the essence of our existence,We can make each day special.
Hence, we wish upon the stars,
trusting that every wearer will cherish them.
As we mark a decade since the inception of our brand, we embrace a return to our origins,
With a collection themed around our original pursuit.
We combined unique fabrics, which represent our essence, with classic and noble styles. 
We entrust our wish that our values will resonate with wearers to the brand's iconic star motif.


Photographer : Takuma Utoo

Stylist : Miki Aizawa (Lucky Star)
Hair & make up : KOMAKI (nomadica)
Model : Anna S(Image)
Model : Anouk Pines(Donna)

Casting : Kyoko Nakazono

Designer : Wataru Nakazono
Produce by : NECT Design