2023-24 Autumn & Winter
Color the monochromatic world


Welcome to the world of monochrome, where we explore the very essence of things. Here, information derived from colors is aggregated to portray aesthetics that cannot be visually perceived when color is abundant.
Like classic monochrome movies and photos, textiles and silhouettes are draped in shades of light and shadow. The color tones accompanying this colorless world emit a unique brilliance, adding to its radiance.
We hope you, too, can see the "essence" of clothes in this monochrome world where everything is reduced to its basic components.


Director : Hiroki Yamamoto

Cinematographer : Takuma Utoo

Stylist : Miki Aizawa (Lucky Star)
Hair & make up : KOMAKI (nomadica)

Music : Sen Hiramatsu (Uni-Phive)

Flower decoration : te-n.
Model :Val (The Lotus Management)

Casting : Kyoko Nakazono

Designer/ Photographer : Wataru Nakazono
Produce by : NECT Design