2023 Spring & Summer
『 Resortir 』


I make frequent visits here.
Vivid colors, which dissolve within nature. Plants, which harbor elegance and strength.The wind, which blows across and between the trees, and the tones played by the waters murmuring from the spring, and by the birds.
I experience this environment with my five senses, allowing my body to glide with the flow of graceful time, as I reset myself, in my very own, special place.


Director : Hiroki Yamamoto

Cinematographer : Takuma Utoo

Stylist : Miki Aizawa (Lucky Star)

Hair & make up : Fusae Tachibana (étrenne)

Music : Sen Hiramatsu (Uni-Phive)

Flower decoration : te-n.

Model : Iohany (Tokyo Rebels)
Jagoda (Image)

Casting : Kyoko Nakazono

Designer/ Photographer : Wataru Nakazono
Produce by : NECT Design